Con highlights

Meeting Al Jaffee; breakfast with Pia Guerra; getting a copy of Comic Book Tattoo; and nattering at this man at the EW/Sci-Fi party!!! That’s right, Dr. Lucien Sanchez, aka Matt Berry from GARTH MARENGHI’S DARKPLACE, no less. Simon Pegg overheard us lauding the rather bemused Berry for his epic portrayal, but indicated that he agreed […]

Should the Con move?

We have many thoughts on the subject, but in the meantime, here’s a play by play: With 125,000 people attending the San Diego Comic Con, the city of San Diego is bursting at the seems. With a limit on the number of people that can get into the convention hall, and growth expected, is it […]

Sick but alive

Sorry, all. The Con crap hit B.L.A.R.D. hard this morning and it was all we could do to get to the Dave Stevens memorial. After that, we chatted with various folks and started uploading our Flickr photos here. Big news today, Gaiman on Batman, Humanoids at Devils Due, and big sales EVERYWHERE. Despite the increasing […]