RIP Creig Flessel

Mark Evanier reports the death of comics pioneer Creig Flessel at age 96, following a stroke. Flessel worked in comics from the dawn of the golden age on through Playboy and beyond. Tom Spurgeon has a lengthy obit with much information: Flessel was born on Long Island, New York in the town of Huntington at […]

Fraction strikes twice in Hollywoodland

EW has word of a couple of movie deals for Matt Fraction: He’s just inked a deal with producer Rick Alexander (MGM’s Adventures in the Land of Zametherea) and manager-producer Jeff Krelitz to turn two of his co-creations, Casanova and Last of the Independents, into movies. A major A-list actor is already mulling over the […]

Watch WATCHMEN on iTunes

Back blogging at Newsarama, Paul Levitz runs down DC’s digital strategy, “Motion Comics” — which takes comics art and animates it. First up: WATCHMEN. Last summer, I traveled to London with Warner Premiere President Diane Nelson to show Dave Gibbons a first test of a new digital format. Diane’s team and WATCHMEN director Zack Snyder […]

NY Times link #2: Neil Young’s Greendale

The Times also catches up with Greendale, Neil Young’s 2003 concept album, which is now being developed into many media formats, including a graphic novel drawn by Cliff Chiang. That was just the beginning: Mr. Young went on to make “Greendale” into a concert tour, live recordings and an original film inspired by his post-9/11, […]

NY Times link #1: Frank Miller’s SPIRIT

The Times talks to Miller about the movie: Early trailers may have given the impression that “The Spirit” is akin to “Sin City,” but Mr. Miller said the two “are fundamentally different.” “The only ways they resemble each other are the ways that I learned from Will Eisner: the use of black and white, certainly […]

More on Vanguard/Frazetta

You’ll recall that last week it was announced that Frank Frazetta was suing Vanguard Productions for $2 million, claiming the upcoming Frazetta retrospective, FRAZETTA THE DEFINITE REFERENCE, was unauthorized. Vanguard sent out an email saying they were too busy to respond publicly at the moment, but directed readers to this blog post by Frazetta scholar […]

SD08: Ted McKeever — #4405

Art agent Kasra Ghanbari writes: Ted McKeever and my company, VEI Studios, will be set up at booth #4405 in the Illustrator’s section from Thursday through Sunday. We’ll have original art by Ted available to purchase, as well as Ted’s first-ever sketchbook, a 28-page full color book that Ted will sign and number. It will […]

To boycott or not to boycott?

The Hyatt Boycott Controversy has raged for a bit now, with Chris Butcher saying yes here and Chris Williams saying no here. Tom Spurgeon said the argument was spinach and to hell with it: As tends to be the case with comics folk post-1990 or so pressed to make some kind of simple decision that […]