Marvel Month-to-Month Sales April 2008

By Paul O’Brien The event season is upon us again, and Marvel hit the ground running with the first issue of SECRET INVASION. There aren’t too many tie-in issues in this first month, but the crossover still gets off to an impressive start. If you’ve been waiting for event fatigue to set in – well, […]

And don’t forget…POST BANG

As if two days of concentrated comix goodness wasn’t enough, tomorrow 6/6 is a full day FREE event spotlighting some of thew most brilliant minds of the day: The Post Bang symposium. Celebrate D-Day in style!

Lynda Barry Week

If you always wanted to meet comics legend Lynda Barry, East Coasters are getting their chance this week! LYNDA BARRY IN NYC & PHILLY THIS WEEK! Don’t miss Lynda Barry at one of her events this week in NYC and Philadelphia! Each event will be totally different, don’t miss it! PHIL Thurs, June 5th, 7 […]

MoCCA: Party Poop

Wow we are so slammed by everything going on we haven’t even had time to assemble a MoCCA Party Poop guide, although there is plenty of it! So we’ll just steal from Daily Cross Hatch. Hit the link for your social guide: We know it’s tough to find things to do in a quiet city […]

MoCCA: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most

Okay here’s one of those oddball pop culture anthologies: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most: Harvest Is When I Need You the Most, features the talent of 8 cartoonists paying homage to the original Star Wars trilogy. The 36 page, full color book releases at MoCCA Art Fest 2008, and will available for […]

MoCCA: Sundays 2

Last year’s SUNDAYS anthology was one of the biggest hits of MoCCA, and they’re back: Announcing the Sundays 2 anthology. By the folks that brought you last year’s Sundays anthology. With 60-plus B + W pages, measuring at 13” X 11” with silk-screened covers, Sundays 2 will surely delight readers of comics from all walks […]

MoCCA: Prism Comics

Prism Comics, which promotes LGBT creators and their comics, will participate with a booth and creator signings at the MoCCA Art Festival, a two-day event being held June 7th and 8th, from 11:00am to 6:00pm each day, at the Puck Building in New York City. In conjunction with the festival, Jim Hanley’s Universe will host […]

MOCCA 08: Pantheon

On Sunday, June 8, Pantheon editor-in-chief and recent Time Magazine 100 Finalist, will be providing a sneak preview of Bat-Manga! Visit Chip’s official site to find out more about Chip’s presentation. Then, read this recent New York Magazine profile on Chip You may already know David Heatley from his work in the New Yorker If […]

MoCCA Stuff

OOOOOKAY, begin the MoCCA news dump! Chris Mautner at Blog@ has a nice little run down and here’s SOME of what we found on the internets as far as previews go. IF we left you out shoot us an email and we’ll update. Meathaus Ben Rosen Marek Bennett Vanessa Satone One Percent Press Dave Roman […]

News Bytes: Valiant, Wash Tubbs

§ ICv2 reports the thrilling news that Fantagraphics will begin reprints of Prince Valiant and Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, two more incredible comic strips that deserve to be seen once again. Prince Valiant will be presented in an oversized color hardcover format, with two years per book, beginning in 2009. This presentation will be […]

Yet more on Tokyopop

OEL creators are beginning to talk about what’s happening. Rikki Simons: I haven’t heard otherwise, so I am assuming that ShutterBox is not part of the cut. In fact, we signed our schedule for ShutterBox Book Six last month, which requires that we turn in the first 25 pages by July 5th of this year. […]

More on Kingdom Comics

The keepers of the enw Kingdom Comics line at Disney, Ahmet Zappa and Christian Beranek, showed up at WW Philly and revealed more of their plans: When asked how the duo would deal with the use of Disney’s beloved characters, Zappa responded, “We’re not trying to make Mickey Mouse comics. The goal of Kingdom Comics […]

Aimee and Joe sitting in a tree

This CNN profile of singer Aimee Mann reveals yet another celebrity comics fan, but the source is an unlikely one! Mann was approached about a year ago about doing a graphic novel, an idea she at first dismissed out of hand. “And then I ran into this guy named Joe Matt, who’s one of my […]

Super Spy: Zatanna!

Matt Kindt’s Zatanna. YES!

One good thing

Oh our aching eyes. We’re desperately trying to catch up on all the MoCCA news coming this weekend, and glazing over from all the manga/Tokyopop rumors swirling, and all the other crazy stuff going on, like Jane Friedman out at Harper Collins, 274 positions cut at Borders, Barack Obama in with the Dems, and stuff […]