Beanworld To Dark Horse!

The big news coming out of Stumpown this weekend is that Larry Marder‘s resurgent Beanworld comics will be published by Dark Horse: Steve Duin of the Oregonian did a nice write up of today’s panel–including the announcement above and includes the following summary:”Dark Horse plans to republish the first 21 issues of Tales of the […]

Around the Web

§ Hope Larson has a new website up for her more adult art: Personal Ho. (left) § We totally forgot that the Pittsburgh Comicon was held this weekend, but it is now apparently dubbed “Murder con.” Someone wrote about it to the Comics Reporter and from the sound of it, it was pretty desolate. § […]

Manga report: Felipe Smith in Morning 2; Viz’s new line

How cool are American cartoonists? So cool that they are publishing them in Japan! Felipe Smith (MBQ) will have a monthly series starting in Morning 2 next month. (The ads for it are reproduced above, courtesy of Ed Chavez who writes: His manga is going to be on the cover of the June 21 issue […]

What will Wonder Woman wear in Dubai?

This interesting AP article looks at the move to grab the low-hanging fruit of giving the cash-rich Middle East their own amusement parks, and the cultural difficulties therein. Politically sensitive characters such as Captain America could be left at home. Prayer rooms will join the list of accommodations, and menus will likely feature falafel and […]

Comics shop owner wounded in robbery

David Pirkola, owner of Apparitions Comics and Books in Kentwood, MI wasshot in a a robbery on Friday evening . Pirkola is in critical but stable condition. According to the police, a man entered the store abut 7 pm, demanded money, shot Pirkola and fled. The police are still investigating the crime, and anyone with […]

Stumptown Stuff

Sounds like Stumptown was totally teh awesome, and we wish we could have been there. Tom Spurgeon: Portland is also the home to dozens of cartoonists, a good sign for a city as comics folk can live practically anywhere and are drawn like flies when a comfortable and cosmopolitan city reaches that tipping point where […]

Lulu Noms OPEN

The Friends of Lulu Blog reports that nominations for the 2008 Friends of Lulu Awards are open and ANYONE can nominate: Lulu Awards: Nominations are open! You don’t have to be a member to nominate!You don’t have to be female to nominate!Heck, you don’t even have to like us to nominate!But you do need to […]

Open source dumbass program

This has been going around in email and blogs, and we’re not really going to get into it too much, but apparently this dude started something at a SF con where men who wanted to grab women’s boobs could do it if the women were wearing a button that said it was okay. If a […]

This weekend! Stumptown!

If we could muster up the energy we’d be at Stumptown for sure. The guest list is stellar from Nicholas Gurewitch to Brian Bendis (who lest we forget was once an indie cartoonist for Image), and stops inbetween for Derek Kirk Kim, Gene Yang, Larry Marder, Craig Thompson, Tara McPherson, and the peerless Jason Shiga. […]

Iron Man early review

Variety liked it: Finally, someone’s found a sure-fire way to make money with a modern Middle East war movie: Just send a Marvel superhero into the fray to kick some insurgent butt. The powerhouse comicbook-inspired actioner “Iron Man” isn’t principally about this fantasy, but it won’t hurt at least American audiences’ enjoyment of this expansively […]