Stephanie McMillan events

Cartoonist Stephanie McMillan writes to tell us of several upcoming events: Resistance Through Ridicule: Two Evenings with Political Cartoonists Ted Rall and Stephanie McMillan Kick-ass, controversial cartoonists Ted Rall ( and Stephanie McMillan ( will present a slideshow of their latest comics, plus a humorous and inspirational discussion about politics, ecocide, the Evil System, and […]

Hollywood stuff from all over

• Continuing the intriguing trend of Euro comics getting developed for the US, NBC announced a mini series based on XIII, which Kevin Melrose tells us, is an 80s Euro-comic by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance: XIII, originally serialized in 1984 in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou, begins with a man who washes up […]

Catching up, Part 17

That is the plan. Today we are going through the mailbox and posting newsy bits and PR. Thanks to Mark for helping out while we were on the road, and Ken for taking care of Inky.