2008 Eisner Award Hall of Fame Nominees

PR with emphasis added. Of some interest is the fact that now what we’d call “modern” or contemporary Marvel and DC creators are beginning to show up on the ballot, like Len Wein and Barry Windsor-Smith. Voting is now open for the Hall of Fame category of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. In a […]

Play along with marvel_b0y

Disgruntled Marvel assistant or viral plant? U decide: Oh, and as usual, Bendis continues to write bad fiction. Last night he claimed 10 people knew who I was already at Marvel. Well, no one came to escort me out and my key card works just fine. I’m not an idiot. I play the good soldier […]

LOST: The dead, not dead and NOT YET dead

Yes, Michael’s back. The worst-kept secret in TV is finally out in the open. So, how did Michael become Kevin Johnson? Let’s discuss after the jump. WARNING: There will be discussion about who did and did not die in tonight’s episode. You’ve been warned. No griping.

Jill Thompson update

A reader writes to inform us that Jill Thompson now has her own forum on the Lurid Forum. That in turn reminded us that she has a blog which we don’t check nearly often enough. Thompson is yet another cartoonist who has been locked away working on a loooooong series of graphic novels for quite […]

Economic Report #2: Books not so hot

Yesterday’s announcement that Borders was having a tough time coming up with financing for expansion and was contemplating a potential sale led to a bad day on Wall Street, but the outlook for chain book stores isn’t all that rosy over all says Marketwatch: Shares tumbled more than 20% in morning trading [for Borders] ahead […]

Economic report #1: Toys okay

The San Jose Mercury News asks if the shaky economy could lead to slashes in sales for all those movie spinoff toys that are coming out based on Indy, Iron Man, Prince Caspian etc etc? Not necessarily. Longtime Bay Area comic book store owner Joe Field said comics and graphic novels – a core piece […]

But some must be persuaded

This post by Molly Flatt in the Guardian has been linked to by several bloggers, starting with Tom. Flatt is definitely of the “Think! Feel! Comics are a great medium!” school, but the comments get a bit lively, although some of the Newsarama-esque ones were removed before we could cut’n’paste. (Damn you, polite literate newspapers!) […]

COPPER goes to Scholastic

Fresh off the news that his AMULET gn is getting the movie treatment, Kazu Kibuishi’s long running COPPER webcomic has been sold to Scholastic, ICv2 reports. The Copper collection, planned for Spring 2010, will include both existing and new material. It will be released in both trade paperback and library hardcover editions. Judith Hansen of […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/21

§ “Manga, anime growing in southeast Kansas “ — The National Guard has been dispatched, but can they halt this growing threat? § In comics history this may well go down as “The Symposium Era”. Add the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to the list of bookish confabs spotlighting GRAPHIC NOVELS. For the first […]