Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/4

§ Congrats to the awesome Brigid Alverson on MangaBlog‘s third anniversary. § Alert Michael Chabon! This pizza delivery outfit dresses up as superheroes: Each new employee develops an alter ego – there’s Captain Awesome, Captain Organic, Flying Squirrel, General Statement, Italian Scallion, Merman, Pink Thunder, and Weather Man – and then designs a costume that […]

WOLVERINE update: Schreiber, Jackman

Sleb photo site Just Jared has a jillion photos of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. Above, Schreiber wonders why all X-men villains must have gnarly sideburns. Here, Jackman/Wolverine realizes that adamantium claws make the best damn apple slicer, period. Wolvie may look a little downscale in these photos, but can we […]

Tokyopop signs Hee Jung Park

Tokyopop has signed a deal with Hee Jung Park, a top Korean comics artist. The multi book deal calls for US editions of Fever (March), Hotel Africa (April), Martin and John (July) and Too Long (August). The company will premiere each of these series on its web site ( as well as on its MySpace […]

ComicsPRO takes over 24 Hour Comics Day

ComicsPRO the comics retailer advocacy group, is taking over running 24 Hour Comics Day, which was previously administered by About Comics’ Nat Gertler. The org called it a move that “furthers its mission to expand the comics’ market.” Dates for 2008 will be announced soon. 24HCD is a scheduled challenge during which single artists attempt […]

PR: Emerald City adds guests

Dan Didio and Adam “Firefly” Baldwin are joining the Emerald City ComiCon guest list. “Dan DiDio is making his first ever appearance at the Emerald City ComiCon, so we’re sure our fans will love the opportunity to ask questions and hear news about what’s happening with the DC Universe straight from the man in charge,” […]

PR: Blue Dream Studios joins IDW

Animator/cartoonist Scott Christian Sava’s all-ages Blue Dream Studios is becoming an imprint of IDW. Among the titles they’ll publish, presumably, is The Dreamland Chronicles (above) a fantasy webcomic done in a colorful CGI style: On the heels of such recent announcements as Sava’s THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES being awarded Best Graphic Novel of 2007 in CBR’s […]