To Do Tonight, Seattle: Lust

: Multimedia reading and performancePlus! Dazzling dancer Fuschia FoXXX! (Voted one of the Stranger’s “Sexiest Citizens”!) Scantily-clad boy AND girl sirens, including Holly Chernobyl! (Also voted one of the Stranger’s “Sexiest Citizens”!) Chocolate kisses! More!! Thursday, February 28, 7pmBailey/Coy Books414 Broadway Ave. E. (across from QFC)

Opening arguments in the Michael George Trial

The Macomb Daily covers opening day: Kaplan, chief of special prosecutions, conceded the case against George is almost all circumstantial, as he will show George at the time of the killing had had an affair with one woman two years earlier and was having an affair with the woman to whom he is now married, […]

The Hero Initiative Announces FOOG TOO

The Hero Initiative, a charity formed to help creators in need, announces a new initiative starting with a print by Frank Cho tyat was to have been signed by Cho and Steve Gerber before his death: So it was with alla that in mind that we concocted FOOG, TOO! or “Friends Of Ol’ Gerber,” too. […]

The one about Dave Sim

What do I think of Dave Sim? I think he’s one of the world’s greatest living cartoonists. You can use that as a pull quote, like this. “One of the world’s greatest living cartoonists.” –Publishers Weekly Go ahead. It’s true. Through 30 years of Cerebus he proved himself a craftsman, writer and artist with a […]

Jeff Smith on whether he tastes great or is less filling

New York Mag’s Vulture bloginterviews Jeff Smith today and they bring up where he sees himself on the spectrum of comics: [Q:]This fall, a mini-debate popped up on comics Websites about the Best American Comics anthology. Heidi MacDonald, who writes the Beat, asked why more of the comics in that book didn’t tell great stories, […]