Interviews, schminterviews

Catch-up from all over : § “recently released, incredibly popular and critically acclaimed” — yep it’s the weekly Adrian Tomine interview! “He’ll be presenting a slide show that confronts his critics who accused him of ‘hiding’ his racial identity behind his glasses.” Huh? “Ha ha! It’s because for a long time when I used to […]

News, Schmoos

§ The Eagle Awards Nominations are online, although a technical glitch means that your vote may not be counted. Welcome, Florida! § The Daily Cross Hatch is one year old. Belated congrats to Brian Heater and his whole great staff. § Steve Bissette has posted the Dave McKean cover to Prince of Stories: The Many […]

New York Anime Fest moves to September for ’08

Based on focus groups and surveys, The second New York Anime Festival will be held this year September 12-14th, significantly earlier than last year’s Dec. 7-9 time frame. According to the calendar at Comic Book there are no real scheduling conflicts with other shows, although it is coming pretty soon after Otakon which is […]

Ivan and Kristyn and the Crystal Skull

We don’t know how many of your have been following the adventures of Ivan Brandon and Kristyn Ferretti. The NYC MECH duo has been traveling around South America for a few months, and having the most incredible adventures you could possibly imagine and blogging about it. New Year’s Eve on a beach with Fireworks! Amazon […]

WonderCon: Image Signing Schedule

WonderCon kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow, and a few companies have released signing schedule. Here’s Image Comics signing list: This upcoming weekend, Image Comics kicks off convention season with its hometown show, WonderCon! “Image is always especially excited to start off the year in our own hometown and always strive to do something special,” […]

Fincher tagged for BLACK HOLE

Cult director David Fincher has been attached to a few comics comics movies (notably TORSO) and now he’s attached to another: Charles Burns’ BLACK HOLE. The film was adapted by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, and previously had Alexander Aja signed on to direct. Frankly, we’d prefer to see Fincher’s take on the award-winning tale […]