Retailer/Publisher/Customer tensions revealed

Oh boy! Finally! After a few weeks off to relax and get acclimated, 2008 has its own brouhaha! And it’s a good one, exposing lingering animosities, nagging weaknesses in the retails system, personal sniping and the very core of where the business is now. It all kicked off with the latest ComicsPRO position paper, whch […]

Publisher websites criticized

We can’t tell if this position paper from Comic Book Bin is a parody of the infamous ComicsPRO position paper (which we’ll be getting to in a a bit) but maybe we’re just punchy becauseit does make some great points: If it is difficult for professionals whose job is to find source documents, one expects […]

Target audience enjoys comic! — and other stories

Dan Rafter at Firefox News reports on the refreshing phenomenon of a child enjoying a comic made for children, in this case Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet. I purchased the book, published by Scholastic, for my 9-year-old son. He, as expected, gobbled the story up, laughing out loud at some scenes, falling into engrossed silence at others. […]

Michael Netzer has a cause!

He’s fighting for J’Onn J’Onzz’s very life, as the Martian Manhunter is rumored to be on the potential kill list for Final Crisis. Is there no one else who will fight for the life of this comic book character?

Archie sales figures — UPDATED

Johanna does the heavy lifting of checking out the postal statements in some Archie comics. You can see the whole list in the link, but the best seller is Archie’s Double Digest #185 with 104,056. That’s less than Archies used to sell, at least anecdotally. We would love to find the actual figures. John Jackson […]

The Great Beat Giveaway

During the continuing renovations here at Stately Beat Manor, we have unearthed a cache of surplus Little Lulu reprint volumes from Dark Horse. Since it is our strongly held belief that aspiring cartoonists and storytellers can learn more from the tight, inventive, character-driven plots of John Stanley and the minimal yet infinitely expressive stylings of […]