UN and Spidey join forces

This news couldn’t come on a more inappropriate day, as the world seems more senseless than ever, but perhaps a comic book teaming Spidey and the UN can bring some smiles: In a move reminiscent of storylines developed during the World War II, the U.N. is joining forces with Marvel Comics, creators of Spider-Man and […]

Ted Rall knows how to make friends

In a column that is sure to send his already high popularity soaring, Rall looks at and rejects the New York Times Magazine’s comics pages, declaring Chris Ware’s “Building Stories” Clowes’ “Mr. Wonderful” is the best of the lot: Seven months passed. (To those who didn’t give up on “Building Stories,” it felt like seven […]

Music chains soon to become theme park destinations

Variety reports that several Virgin Megastores will be closing — the chain was an early adapter of manga and graphic novels and continue to have wide ranging sections: The Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood will be closing early next year and its highly likely the Gotham outlet will follow. Rent increases are being given as […]

People are talking about….2007

A few more end-of-year comics wrap-ups in what passes for mainstream media: § Gary Brown at Cox News plays the curmudgeon with “In year of comics mediocrity, a shining dozen” § Randy Myers § Natalie Nichols at LA City Beat § BONUS: The Latino edition of the NY Daily News talks to Tom Beland about […]

Comics Reporter status

We thought Tom was just taking some well deserved time off, but it turns out Comics Reporter has suffered a big outtage, and his exemplary interview series has been interrupted: This really screws up the momentum of the holiday interview series, for which I apologize. Frank’s interview was posted on Sunday but was only up […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: November 2007

By Paul O’Brien Unlike the previous month, Marvel shipped most of their big titles in November, and managed to complete their autumn crossover. It was another light month for new titles, with only a few miniseries hitting the shelves. But the “Messiah Complex” crossover in the X-books got into full swing, WORLD WAR HULK wrapped […]

New Yorker Holiday Cover gallery

Speaking of the New Yorker, check out this gallery of holiday covers over the years. Above, Ilonka Karasz from 1938. Below, Joost Swarte, 2007.

Must reading: Can children learn from comics?

We’re always hearing about how comics are a great tool for literacy (and those among us who learned to read from comics would back this up) but how are comics being accepted in the educational field? The New York Times investigates with an article that includes many yaysayers, but also the most common objections, as […]

More from Gibbons on set

Dave Gibbons pays another visit to the WATCHMEN set: The rest of the visit kaleidoscopes crazily by: I watch footage of Rorschach pulling Nite Owl off a bloodied Knot Top; I flip through an issue of the Black Freighter; on a laptop, I see raw CGI blocking for the Vietnam sequence; I hold a smiley […]

Getting back to speed

Let’s face it, no one wants to work this week, and that even includes us. So we’re still loafing as we gradually get back up to speed. In the meantime, check out this exclusive footage we found of Chip and Dale* planning how to take out someone named Donald. Fascinating. * Yes, Chip ‘n’ Dale […]

Merry Christmas

From everyone at Stately Beat Manor to all of you !

Oh Gustaf Tenggren

More things to enjoy

Things to enjoy

Watch the third one for a special treat for our kind.

Tis the Season

Here at Stately Beat Manor we’ve been getting many holiday cards, both physical and electronic, and each and every one brightens our mailbox with tidings of joy. By far the most unusual, however, was the Virgin Comics holiday card, above. At first we thought “Kaliiiiiiiiii!” but’s it’s actually a character from VOODOO CHILD by Nicolas […]

No Laughing Matter

MTV.com has an article up talking to a bunch of folks about Heath Ledger’s Joker. Included in the article are Guillermo del Toro, Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb and … ADAM WEST! Posted by Mark Coale