No Laughing Matter has an article up talking to a bunch of folks about Heath Ledger’s Joker. Included in the article are Guillermo del Toro, Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb and … ADAM WEST! Posted by Mark Coale

Brian Heater and the Spurge show us up

While Dirk has rolled up his welcome mat, and The Beat has been loafing, at least a couple of bloggers have been WORKING. Brian Heater at Daily Cross Hatch polls a wide-ranging list of cartoonists on their favorite comics of the year. Much love for Julia Wertz’ The Fart Party but the whole list should […]

Tori Amos anthology due from Image

Many blogs, including Colleen Doran’s are reporting an item from Spin Magazine regarding COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a new anthology based on the songs of Tori Amos. The book will run some 400 pages and stories will be based on individual songs. Long-time Amos cohort Rantz Hoseley edits. Doran has a bit more: I will be […]

GUTSVILLE is coming back

Frazer Irving writes to assure us that he is indeed, working on issue #3 of GUTSVILLE, the well-received comic by him and Simon Spurrier about life inside a giant whale. To prove it, he even points us to a five-page preview. Enjoy!

Anecdotes #2

Ron Hogan at GalleyCat has a report on the Comic Book Club One Year Anniversary which we wrote about earlier, with a fuller report It was definitely Fraction who said of his work on Punisher War Journal, one of the best mainstream superhero comics I know of right now, “I wanted to make the most […]

Anecdotes #1

We attended a nice holiday party last night thrown by artist Kelli Bickman and jill-of-all-trades Paulette Powell. It was just a bunch of folks getting together, but it was nice to see old friends like Kyle Baker, Martha Thomases and Jim Salicrup and have a chance to talk a bit. We also chatted with Anne […]

Slow news day

Okay we’re taking the day off from blogging except for a few odds and ends…time to get those last minute gifts and get ready for the trip home. We may have a seasonal greetings over the next few days but basically, we wish you ALL a very safe and happy holiday wherever you may be. […]