The merchant class

While the comics medium advances in prestige and material success both in fairly dramatic leaps and encouraging steps , physically moving things around and getting people to reach into their pants pockets, find money and hand it to someone else in exchange for a comic remain the most problematic areas of the business. While the […]

Viz’s Liza Coppola

ICv2 continues it’s series of interviews with newsmakers with Viz Sr. VP Liza Coppola: What are you looking at for 2008 in terms of your manga output versus 07? For 2008, we’re looking at the same number of titles. What we’re looking at doing is really honing down the titles, and it’s not going to […]

More on otaku politician

The rumor that manga-lovin’ Japanese pol Taro Aso (above, clothed) may be replacing Shinzo Abe as Prime MInister sent manga shares soaring believe it or not! Shares of companies linked to the Japanese style cartoons known as “manga” jumped Wednesday on speculation that a big fan of the genre may become the country’s next prime […]

Sometimes there is more than comics

The Chicago Reader has an excellent profile of cartoonist Anders Nilsen: But just when doors started to open for Nilsen, he entered the most painful period of his life. Two years ago, at the age of 37, Weaver (right) died after the sudden, devastating onset of Hodgkin’s disease. Afterward Nilsen buried himself in his work, […]

Movie news: Iron Man, Watchman

We’ve got to admit, the new IRON MAN trailer is…amazing. We even liked the Ozzy music. As brief as it may be, the trailer reminds us that Robert Downey Jr. is an incredible actor — he brings Tony Stark to life and that’s what makes the guy in the metal suit even cooler. Meanwhile, […]

West Coast Secret Stash closes

Kevin Smith explains he’s closing his west coast comics shop and runs through a gallery of memories: Part of the charm of those stores, for the fans of the flicks (and, largely, those are the folks who shop there), has always been about the people behind the counter. Walk into the Red Bank Stash, and […]

Wieringo tribute set for 9/19 NYC

PR: To honor Mike Wieringo and celebrate his life, a special festive event has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 at 7:30 pm in Manhattan. This event, coupled with a eBay Auction, is open to all fans. There will be a number of writers, artists, and contemporaries of Mike’s at the New York event, […]