What’s up at DC?

Dan Didio’a interview re: COUNTDOWN last week has been much quoted, as he reacts to ongoing blogosphere and message board snark: Given that there seems to be a very vocal – and I don’t know its size – group of fans online that is counter to that hasn’t really affected sales at all. I find […]

Heroes become villains where snacks are involved

From England a shocking tale of good turned to the dark side: A watchdog group called Which? has determined that cartoon heroes are being used to sell unhealthy snacks to children: Spidey was blasted for backing sugary Nesquik Chocolate Flavour Cereal, while Scooby-Doo Mini Pizza Breadsticks were found to be high in salt. A Which? […]

More TCAF Stuff

Man, these pictures look like the greatest two days in comics history or something. Bummer we have to wait two years to go. Doug Wright Awards admin Brad McKay shares two photo sets. And a few comments: Hope Larson Awesome, awesome, awesome. TCAF was by far the best time I’ve ever had at a con, […]

The Fate of the Logo

Eddie Campbell has been looking at logos: I got around my complete lack of confidence by cutting a couple of letters out of a magazine and sticking another incongrous one in between. The whole cover was quite simple and tasteful. Phill Elliott did the hand separated colours. I never attempted that, and thank goodness I […]

BOW-WOW wins prize

IN non-comickal newsw from cartooners, Mark Newgarden tells us: BOW-WOW BUGS A BUG by Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash has just won the first place gold medal in the Society of Illustrator’s annual children’s book competition. BOW WOW! Look for the 2 new BOW-WOW mini books by Newgarden & Cash in stores this Fall: […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Via the Fantagraphics blog possibly the most awesome Mark Trail squirrel montage ever. We’ve reproduced but a pittance of its majesty. Go to the link for the whole amazing thing. Mark Trail is one of those things that will forever keep the comics faithful gathering, even if they be forced to gather in secret. […]

A little more on The Lawsuit

Brave Canadian Don McPherson offers some commentary on the Ellison/Fantagraphics settlement: But there’s no denying this one is outside of the norm. As I read the settlement details online last week, I was struck by the impression that the two sides were not unlike bickering siblings, and a parent finally stepped in and said, “That’s […]

What it is like to be Ivan Brunetti

The Daily Cross Hatch digs into the Ivan Brunetti/Nancy story and gets a vintage slice of Brunetti: I have never been an artist full-time, not with my own work, or work for hire. I’m just a regular Joe, a full-time office worker, and always have been. Occasionally, I am inexplicably compelled to force myself to […]

JLA movie stirring?

Murmurs on the internets of renewed activity on that proposed JLA film. MTV has hints from the man who would be Flash, Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Reynolds says “The Flash” may yet live. It just might not be in the superhero’s own film first. Just hours ago, our own Shawn Adler peppered the oft-rumored star of […]

Edgar Allan Poo joins The Chemistry Set

Here is one of those mystery kinds of press releases, in which we’re told about the online comics called THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO joining online webcomics collective The Chemistry Set. The opening paragraphs give a good idea of the story: The Chemistry Set is pleased to announce that the webcomic The Surreal […]