Mega List — SDCC Booth Chart

Our wonderful Helper Bee Mark Coale has compiled this master list of Beat posts linking to signing schedules, panels and so on for your last minute planning pleasure. Enjoy! Tom Spurgeon’s priceless guide: Welcome to Nerd Vegas Active Images # 2106 Adhouse # 2104 Archaia Studios Press # 2049 Avatar Press # 2800 Curt Schilling […]

Early report

Via markandrich – San Diego Dreaming: 24/07/07 19:42 TXT: signage at the virgin comics books indicates “jenna jameson is coming soon.” has there ever been a weirder episode in contradictory brandng

The last word

Every year there is one post or quote or something that exemplifies what it is like to be part of the big show, and this year, Mariah Huehner said it as she contemplates her first San Diego ever. It feels like, right now, to me at least, that many of the people I know are […]

IDT acquires controlling interest in IDW

And…the news just keeps coming, as multi pronged telecom IDT has acquired a controlling interest in comics publisher IDW. Some hint of this development was dropped recently when IDT VP Clifford Meth switched over to become a VP at IDW. IDT Internet Mobile Group (IMG), a division of IDT Corporation, has formed Zedge Studios to […]

Morning Briefing: Y, Hex, Watchmen, UGO, etc.

Just a few entertainment briefs as we deal with last minute stuff: § The Y THE LAST MAN movie has a writer and director, D.J. Caruso and Carl Ellsworth, whose previous credits include DISTURBIA. Caruso will direct while Ellsworth writes. The comic, created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, centers on Yorick, an escape […]

SD07: The Beat

As we previously (we think) mentioned, we’ll be at the Fox Atomic booth at various times, but we’ll also be VIDEO BLOGGING THE SHOW AGAIN! Bruce at DiVX and the rest of the great crew that helped us finally find the FulFillment Room last year will be back and we have some cool peeps lined […]

More on ChesterQuest and Compass

Writer/editor/talent wrangler CB Cebulski, much like ourselves, owns many hats and dons and doffs them at regular intervals. First there’s the Marvel-based CB, who posts the following on something calledChesterQuest: 1 man.6 months.3 continents. (Possibly four.)13 countries. (Possibly more.)20 cities. (So far.)12 artists who will be awarded the opportunity to work at Marvel Comics.Guaranteed. Possibly […]