Decision at Downtown…deferred!

Word on today’s scheduled mediation between Gary Groth and Harlan Ellison and their assembled legal teams: Postponed until June 28th! The rescheduling was necessitated because of a conflict in Groth’s schedule, according to Ellison’s lead lawyer, John Carmichael. However, Carmichael says that all the lawyers involved are looking forward to settling the matter. Carmichael himself […]

Silver Surfer vs. the US Mint!!!

Who wouldn’t like a piece of the Silver Surfer? Maybe even to carry around in your pocketses.That must have been what 20th Century Fox and the Franklin Mint were thinking when they cooked up the “Silver Surfer Quarter”, above. Since the Zenn-La native does not appear on any US States quarters, he had to be […]

Star Wars Celebration wrap-up

There was a huge Star Wars convention in LA this weekend to celebrate Star Wars’ 30th Anniversary, which kicked off all sorts of news and notes and photo ops .ICv2 News has the ultimate skinny: The upshot of all this attention? Star Wars is a more potent force now that it was when the first […]

TUF 5 Ep. 8: Now the fighting begins!

We are just too swamped to do our TUF recap this week! Luckily Rafael Kayanan has a very thorough examination of the surprising Lauzon/Cole fight. As far as we’re concerned, the most notable thing about this episode was Lobstah, fight instigator getting kicked out while in the middle of making lobstah chowdah!!! That was tragic. […]

UDON launches manhwa line

Yet another manga/manhwa publisher jumping into it, as UDON Entertainment, the long running comics packager, launches its own Korean comics line: What is Korean Manhwa? Combine unique storytelling techniques and manga-influenced artwork with the rich and diverse culture of Korea and you’ll end up with the latest craze in Asian comics! UDON Entertainment has partnered […]

Curiosities from the vault

We were cleaning up this weekend, and came across a few historical curiosities which we may post over the next few days or so. First up, a bizarre photo taken c. 1993 at the amusement park Magic Mountain of (clockwise from the top) Robbie Busch, Stephen DeStefano, Kyle Baker and The Beat. What’s notable here […]

Black Women have their say

Man, we are trying to get away from all the Gender Wars, but all the good links seem to circle back around, like Michaela Reid’s write up on the “Having Our Say: Black Women Discuss Imagery” panel at the ECBACC a few weekends back. 4. What would an ideal state look like? * RL: “There […]

Children read kid’s comics

We always liked the All Ages Reads feature in Newsarama — actual kids reacing kids comings and giving their thoughts. This time they look at The Black Belt Club and Abadazad — I was particularly curious about the latter, because after a HUGE publicity push for it last year from Disney is kinda dropped off […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Exhaustion’s End

I don’t have too much to say about Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. It should have been called “At Ordeal’s End.” I was sorely disappointed by POTC II, and III is cut from the exact same cloth, since it was made at the same time. A glance at the stillstells the tale: every […]

Holiday Blogosphere responses to Joe Q

While the holiday weekend has left people more interested in barbecues and outdoor exposure, a few developments. First J. Bone has posted the above image. But see also this (!). A few responses from the blogosphere. Laura Hudson: Oh, Joe Q. How could anyone read anything perverse into this picture of bleeding, half-naked women strung […]