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§ Early manga champion Frederik Schodt profile § LA Times looks at Minx line § Video of Frank Miller talking about the Spirit at Cannes. § Milo George tracks the political donations of your favorite cartoon types.

The Spurge Guide to San Diego

The Comics Reporter has posted the Annual Guide to San Diego Comic-Con, which is as definitive as it gets. His list of lodgings ranked by desirability has 22 categories, and in our 20+ years of con going, we’ve known someone to utilize all 22! Even jail. The guide contains many shockers, like this: 2. In […]

Early O’Malley

Jeff Lester tracks down an early work by Bryan Lee O’Malley: Spider-Man: Doctors, an early reader for kids. O’Malley ‘fesses up: Yeah, it was one of the first things I did in comics, way back in 2001. Go ahead and run images if you want. Christopher Butcher actually helped me colour it, which is why […]

Still on holiday

Just visiting old friends. [Photo by Elim Mak.]

Help Fantagraphics with Pogo

Gary Groth is paging all Pogo fans to help with FBI’s upcoming Pogo reprints: We are requesting the help of Pogo collectors who may have original art or high quality reproductions of Walt Kelly’s Pogo strip. We are currently assembling Walt Kelly’s POGO: The Complete Daily & Sunday Strips. We are looking for the best […]

PERSEPOLIS shares Jury Prize at Cannes

The animated PERSEPOLIS, co-directed by Marjana Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud has shared the Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film tells of Satrapi’s girlhood in post-Revolution Iran. The film will be released this fall in America by Sony Classics. It shared the prize with Stellet Licht, a tale of forbidden love among […]

Amend wins top Reuben

Bill Amend won the Cartoonist of the Year Reuben award in a ceremont mast night, according to Editor & Publisher. Amend ended the daily run of the strip last year, but continues it as on Sunday’s only. Other winners from the article: — Best comic strip cartoonist: Stephan Pastis (“Pearls Before Swine”/United Media). — Best […]

“Captain, she kinna hold any more!”

Looks like WP crashed for about 12 hours. It’s been acting a bit unstable lately — hence all the double postings. I’m hoping we can get it stabilized next wee. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with WP, feel free to leave them. I’m going to lay off the […]

Joe Q speaks on HEROES FOR HIRE cover

At least one authority figure has spoken out, and the message is “Subtext? What subtext?”: On the MJ: Statue: JQ: Not really. When fans saw the statue was exactly the same time I was made aware of it, I have no involvement in that stuff and haven’t kept up with the brouhaha. It kind of […]

It was 30 years ago today…

…and nothing would ever be the same.


Even though we’re taking the day off, we couldn’t ignore a bunch of press for LEVITATION and WIRE MOTHERS by Jim Ottaviani and illustrated by Dylan Meconis and Janine Johnston, respectively. Newsarama raps with Ottaviani about both books. We’re especially interested in WIRE MOTHERS which recounts the background of Harry Harlow’s terrifying experiments with monkeys […]

Uh oh

We’re going to be frightfully busy today so very very little posting. In the meantime…PIRATES!

Fan-made Fletcher Hanks toon

Via Flog.

Stuck in the Middle Launch Party Photos!

And now just to cleanse everyone’s palette, here are pictures from the book party for Ariel Schrag’s Stuck in the Middle Friday at Rocketship. The place was ABSOLUTELY packed, and here’s a nice picture of Gabrielle Bell and Ariel.


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Chip Zdarsky launches advice site

Writing in his real life guise as Steve Murray, Steve/Chip has a new advice feature at the National Post and it is rife with sensibleness: STEP TWO: Armed with this knowledge, you now need to stew. Close your curtains and sit in the dark for a weekend. Now think about what I just said until […]