Trouble ahead for SIN CITY 2

Uh oh. Despite all those assurances that SIN CITY 2 is just around the corner the fact that its co directors both have other projects to work on mean it has been delayed…and perhaps even…worse. Yesterday, I told you about a little interview which featured Michael Madsen claiming that Sin City 2 might not be […]

Women etc.

Gah! Why do more interesting things keep coming in on that gender thing??? Damn you. Ike this story in THR about the difficulty in launching female action pics and how Robert Rodirguez is taking a flyer with his just announced BARBARELLA remake. Rodriguez is dipping his laser gun into a subgenre where Hollywood has been […]

You know what burns my ass?

We’re stressed and crabby here at Stately Beat Manor. Deadlines, projects, research. Luckily about 85% of it is getting done, and that’s a fairly good percentage, but it’s taking a toll and we’re here to let you know we’ve had it up to HERE with the following: • Microsoft Word’s Style Gallery. What the fuck […]

2007 Manning Award Nominees announced

From the PR: The nominees for the 2007 Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award have been announced. They are: * Steve Bryant, artist of Athena Voltaire, comics series published by APE Entertainment * Joelle Jones, artist of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, graphic novel published by Oni Press * Rolo Ledesma, artist of Phoney […]

NYMPHET controversy rears adorable head

We don’t have time today to do justice to this Nymphet controversy. Suffice to say that Seven Seas has been forced to postpone publication of NYMPHET, a popular Japanese comic about a grade schooler who has a crush on her teacher. And by crush, we mean she throws her panties at him and begs him […]

CCS Class of ’07 pic

Here they are, your 2007 Center for Cartoon Studies graduates. We hadn’t seen a picture of this nest of fledgling cartooners, but the blog of student Colleen-Y CowboyOrange has many pictures and links to the historic first graduating class.

Pizzeria Kamikaze writer Etgar Keret wins at Cannes

Jeff Mason sends out a press release to alert is to the fact that Marjane Satrapi was not the only comics-type to win rexognition at the recent Canne Film Festival — Sometimes comics writer Etgar Keret won the Camera d’Or prize: Israeli writers Etgar Keret and his wife Shira Geffen won the Camera d’Or prize, […]

Reuben Coverage

Winner Tom Richmond blogs the Reuben weekend, as with the above picture of Mell Lazarus, THE NEW YORKER’S Mort Gerberg, editorial cartoonist & GRIMMY creator Mike Peters. I’m back from another terrific time at the NCS Reuben awards. The board members and officers really work hard to make this event fun, entertaining and relaxing every […]