CPM vs Libre

Yesterday a titanic scandal emerged in the world of manga when manga publisher Libre posted on its website in English that CPM was publishing unauthorized English versions of their books: Thank you very much for your continued interest in our publications. Please note that we also offer copyright licensing service for translations of our own […]

Speaking of Dean Mullaney

Over at ComicMix, it’s been teased and speculated that co-owner Mike Gold and partners will be rolling out a “Phase 2” for the site. Given that Gold is the founder of First Comics, properties and creators associated with that line has been part of that speculation. Today Glenn Hauman pulls a tease with this: After […]

Little Orphan Annie finds home at IDW

ICv2 breaks the news that IDW will be following up TERRY AND THE PIRATES with a collection of Little Orphan Annie: Dean Mullaney, who is editing the new reprint edition of Milton Caniff’s classic Terry & the Pirates comic strip for IDW, has informed ICv2 that his next project with IDW will be a similar […]

Stan vs Stan gets even more complicated

RED HERRING follows up on the news that Stan Lee Media is suiing Marvel, and Stan Lee is Suing Stan Lee Media, with the news that Stan Lee Media will almost certainly countersue Stan Lee! Financier/whistleblower Jim Nesfield, who revived Stan Lee Media last year, explains: “He’s calling me a rogue opportunist,” said Mr. Nesfield. […]

Wizard and Boom Studios in the LA Times

According to a very positive LA Times story on the little pamphlet publisher that could, Boom Studios Ross Ritchie and Andrew Cosby, there were 28,000 people at last weekend’s Wizard World LA. Whatever you think of that factoid, the piece has much of interest otherwise, including news that Boom will be producing a comic book […]

Chris Ware animates!

Chris Ware has done the opening animation for Showtime’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE show, debuting Thursday. The show is an adaptation of the NPR show that looks at ordinary lives. You can view the animation here.

Publisher launches manga mag for phones

Although the headline says Publisher to launch Japan’s first monthly online manga magazine is sounds a bit misleading, because the magazine is actually the first (orone of the first) for mobile phones: Publisher Shinchosha will soon launch what it calls the country’s first digital subscription magazine, an online comic regularly transmitted to mobile phones, a […]


§ Top Shelf employee and THE SURROGATES writer Robert Venditti talks about getting an indie comic optioned at CBR: “The first issue of the series debuted in July 2005, only a couple of weeks before Comic-Con International in San Diego,” Venditti explained to CBR News. “The story generated a healthy amount of press in the […]

Schoolgirls tigger socks subject of lawsuit

A Californian schoolgirl is suing her school over her right to wear TIgger socks: Toni Kay Scott, 14, was sent to an in-school suspension program called Students With Attitude Problems last year for violating a dress code, according to a lawsuit against the Napa Valley Unified School District and Redwood Middle School. She had donned […]

Dubai: Strangest Place on Earth

BTW, yesterday’s story about Marvel and the Al Ahli Group teaming for a marvel theme park in Dubai, this will be nothing compared to the other crazy shit going on in the world’s fastest growing city: a race for the world’s biggest skyscraper; the world’s first underwater hotel; the world’s tallest hotel; artificial island archipelagos […]