NYCC Pix Day 0

Just a few to whet your appetite. Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly), Larry Gonick (Cartoon History of the Universe), Marisa Acocella Marchetto (Cancer Vixen), Thomas LeBien (Hill + Wang) and George O’Connor (Journey into Mohawk Country) at the non fiction panel. We got the chance to meet Gonick afterwards and he is quite the personality. O’Connor, […]

ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference Report

The whirlwind of New York Comic-Con kicked off yesterday with the ICv2 graphic novel conference. Attendance was up from last year, according to organizer Milton Griepp, with a mix of cartoonists, publishers, librarians, retailers, agents, buyers, and other folks from Graphic Novel World. While there were a few people from what Griepp referred to in […]

TALES FROM THE CRYPT rises at Papercutz

The classic EC title is being resurrected as a titles from the kid-friendly Papercutz line — ironic, eh? Good Lord! *Choke!* The greatest horror comic is back! After more than 50 years, EC Comics’ legendary flagship title returns with all-new TALES FROM THE CRYPT, narrated by the original Crypt-Keeper, Old Witch, and Vault Keeper. Each […]

NYCC: what’s really important

Finally, we’ve blogged the hell out of New York Comicon, just so you know what is going on. but as we sit back in wheezy, queasy exhaustion, perspective begins to rear its ugly head, and we remember that what is really important about this show is the basics: getting jiggy. For instance, blogger “Hey Lady” […]

Countdown to excitement

Wizard and the solicitations broke the story on COUNTDOWN Monday, with Newsarama adding more to the mix yesterday. We didn’t have time to blog the big news, but in case you missed it: yes, DC is launching another line-spanning weekly comic, one with Paul Dini as head writer. What’s interesting about it, from our standpoint, […]

Meanwhile back at the Civil War…

CIVIL WAR wrapped up this week, and of course we haven’t had time to go find a copy, online or in a store, but we haven’t had time to read ANY issues of CIVIL WAR yet. We’re “waiting for the trade”, as they say on the inside. or people who like a denoument, Mark Millar […]

To Do: Saturday 2/24: Beasts hits New York

Do you want to know where ELSE the cool kids will be? They will be at GIANT ROBOT! GIANT ROBOT NY and FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS PRESENT: BEASTS! With artists signing the new hardcover collection of nearly 100 illustrators depicting mythological and folkloric creatures. WHAT: BEASTS! book release signing WHO: Jesse LeDoux, Katy Horan, Keith Shore, R. […]

Podcast update: Ventures and Veitch

The Sound of Young America interviews VENTURE BROTHERS creator Jackson Publick for this podcast. (Thanks to Ian Brill for the link.) Speaking of The Venture Bros, this weekend on Saturday at 4:30 at the NYCC (that AGAIN?) there will be a Venture Bros. spotlight with Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, James Urbaniak (Rusty Venture, etc.), Michael […]