DC Comics Month-To-Month Sales: December 2006

by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics placed six of its releases in the Top 10 in December, including two issues of Justice League of America, three issues of the weekly 52 and the debut of new ongoing series Justice Society of America, by writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham. The publisher’s output rate, which had […]

Colbert to appear at NYCC

Colbert will only be signing, not doing any panel or media appearances. But maybe Stephen Jr. will make an appearance as well! Oni Press is elated to announce that Stephen Colbert, the Emmy Award-winning host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, will be making an appearance at the New York Comic-Con in support of the new […]

Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards noms

The nominations for Web Cartoonists’ Choice Award are up — you’ll have to go to the link for the entire list, but we’ve copied the top two here. Seriously go to th elink, because it has links for all the webcomics and you will discover many marvels and wonders. All in the link. OUTSTANDING COMIC […]

Mediocre Film encapsulates graphic novel zeitgiest

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, a werewolf film, got panned by the critics, but it did contain one piece of dialog that we might just quote: Maybe she’s impressed by what Aiden does for a living. “I write graphic novels.” “You mean comic books.” “Noooo. Graphic novels.”

Perry Bible Fellowship Collection due

Did you know that Dark Horse is putting out a collection of Nick Gurewitchs brilliant webcomick PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP? We didn’t!. Says Gurewitch: I’m taking the rest of January off to finish some work on the PBF book for Dark Horse. It’ll be a nifty, full color, relatively inexpensive hardcover with lots of extra treats […]

Morning links — now randomized for your pleasure!

§ iFanboy: When Brians do collide! at Rocketship no less. §Artists’ Alley completely sold out at this year’s San Diego comic-con. § The comments section at MangaBlog leads the way to a 10-page pdf download of NON NON BA, the Angoulême winning album. § This fellow doesn’t care much for Joe Matt: “Spent” by Joe […]

Good Morning Bloginam!

comics212 has had a snappy new facelift and lets lose with a new salvo: Every once in a while I’ll come across an essay, blog post, or even snarky comment from someone who’s been through a fandom and come out the other side, and when they have grievances I tend to give them a bit […]

Beat changes blogger’s life

Dear Neil Gorman of The Comicology Comic Book Podcast has just discovered The Beat, and boy is he glad he did! Today when I was doing a google search form some comic book news I found This site: PW: The Beat it is a GREAT site for comic book news and I think that anyone […]

Swiffer Nation

Well, we got our new Swiffer Wet Jet, and the special bottle of stuff to clean the hardwood floors, only to find that we’ve fallen into a terrible trap, as reported by The Onion: The blank, oppressive void facing the American consumer populace remains unfilled today, despite the recent launch of the revolutionary Swiffer dust-elimination […]