2007 Manning Award Nominees announced

From the PR:

The nominees for the 2007 Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award have been announced. They are:

* Steve Bryant, artist of Athena Voltaire, comics series published by APE Entertainment
* Joelle Jones, artist of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, graphic novel published by Oni Press
* Rolo Ledesma, artist of Phoney Baloney and Toxic Teddies, comics series published by Terminal Press
* David Petersen, writer/artist of Mouse Guard, comics series published by Archaia Press
* Buddy Setiawan, artist of Roadkill Zoo, comics series published by Novaris Entertainment

The award will be presented on the evening of Friday, July 27 at the San Diego Convention Center as part of Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards ceremony.

The nominees are selected by a committee consisting of representatives of the West Coast Comics Club and Comic-Con International: San Diego. The winner is chosen by past Manning award winners and Russ Manning assistants.

The Manning award has been given out annually at the San Diego Comic-Con since 1982. It is given in the name of Russ Manning, the artist best known for his work on the Tarzan and Star Wars newspaper strips and the Magnus, Robot Fighter comic book. Russ was a popular guest at the San Diego convention in the 1970s. Past Manning winners have included Dave Stevens, Jan Duursema, Steve Rude, Scott McCloud, Art Adams, Eric Shanower, Dan Brereton, Jeff Smith, Gene Ha, Goran Sudzuka, and Tan Eng Huat.

The chair of the Manning Awards committee is Gene Henderson. He can be contacted via the Comic-Con International address: P.O. Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112.


  1. * Joelle Jones, artist of “12 Reasons Why I Love Her”

    My vote. This was a wonderful book, art was fantastic. Pulled me right in.

  2. Joelle Jones’ work is gorgeous…but I think David Peterson is a lead-pipe lock.

  3. I think we know who would get my vote. I couldn’t be more excited for Joelle.

  4. To be nominated you have to be good enough to win and these are all sparkling talents.

  5. Steve Bryant! Steve Bryant!

  6. it was a honor to be on that list..thank u terminal press and everyone who gave much props..
    rolo nyc

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