Comics defenders assemble

There is he. Tony Long. The enemy. The Wired staffer’s modest proposal that AMERICAN BORN CHINESE wasn’t good enough for a National Book Award nomination has spurred defenses of comics far and wide. Here’s First Second’s own Mark Siegel, the publisher of the collected AMERICAN BORN CHINESE Rather than taking to task each assertion, or […]

Old timer returns to comics

As an 18-year-old in 1942, Allen Bellman joined Timely studio as an artist. Now, 64 years later, he’ll be a guest at the Florida Supercon, and looks back at his brief career in comics, working on such characters as Sub-Mariner, Vampire Brats and Mike Trapp. Bellman will be on hand to mingle, sign autographs and […]

Fox Atomic comics previews go live

Remember the horror-themed line of Fox Atomic comics which are tied in to Fox’s new youth-branded horror movie line? Of course you do. What better day to launch some previews than /Halloween, with THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS, a series of previews and activities to be found on This will include comics previews, according […]

Posting problems

Okay now the white background and sidebar are gone in Safari and Firefox, anyway. I know this happens when I post an image that is too large, but I can’t see which one it is. Any ideas, email me or post in the comment. Ah, it was all those pee and poo colored tags in […]

Golden Apple moves!

The Golden Apple, Hollywood’s legendary comics store is moving to a new location on Wednesday, November 1. It will still be on Melrose, but a bit further east, on the corner of La Brea, at 7018 Melrose. Stan Lee will be doing the ribbon cutting on the new location, and later that day there will […]

Stumptown stuff

The Stumptown indie comics fest took place this weekend in Portland, OR. Reports are straggling in. There’s a Flickr photo pool up which makes it look as adorable as heck. Also, apparently all women cartoonists in the Pacific Northwest are covered with tattoos. We don’t recognize most of the West coast folk, although in the […]

More on Marvel stamps

At his always indispensible blog, Mark Evanier posted his thoughts on the origins of the images of the Marvel stamps released last week, and how the USPO itself seems to have incorrectly ID’d the artists. In an update, he gives some more info on the Wolverine stamp: I received the following from Len Wein, who […]

Linkage 10/30

ยง Over at the The Forbidden Planet International Blog the artist known as Ilya is intervieed asbout a new brit anthology with the promising title The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga,a 500 (!) page anthology of non-Japanese manga. The cover was largely a compromise โ€“ the publishers had horrendous ideas โ€“ and while the […]

Halloween update

It’s the time of year to dress up and show your inner self, and we saw plenty of inner selves this weekend, including a girl dressed as Aspargus Woman on the subway. The Blogger’s Blog rounds upsome general costuming news, and to the surprise of no one who’s been living outside a cave for the […]