Wow. Gene Yang’s AMERICAN BORN CHINESE, published by First Second, has scored a National Book Award nomination in the YOUNG PEOPLE’S LITERATURE category. These awards are extremely prestigious — a win for Yang would be almost as earth-shaking as Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer for Maus. Just to be a finalist is a huge accomplishment for Yang […]

SPX: Veitch and Abraxas

We know you’re used to us fawning over Rick Veitch here, but one of the things we’re most excited about at SPX is Veitch’s first convention appearance in five years (!) and the debut of the first ever collected edition of ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN. This twisted and disturbing serial first ran in EPIC magazine […]

SPX: fun

We hear there will be no softball game at SPX this year. We don’t know why this is. Several people have given us vague explanations, but we haven’t bothered to track down the searing inside story. We also hear that a trip to a pool hall is being proposed as the alternate Sunday afternoon activity. […]

SPX: Fantagraphics signing schedule

Fantagraphics Books has posted their SPX signing sched. Make sure to click the link for Saturday. FRIDAY 2:00 – 3:00 SIGNING: Kevin Huizenga & Craig Yoe 3:00 – 4:00 PANEL: “Jules Feiffer Q&A” 3:00 – 4:00 SIGNING: Ivan Brunetti & Matthias Lehmann 4:00 – 6:00 SIGNING: Jules Feiffer & Tony Millionaire 6:00 – 7:00 SIGNING: […]

SPX looms

SPX kicks off on Friday, with a new venue but a continuation of the popular format of bookselling on Friday and Saturday, the Ignatzes on Saturday night and a small press summit with panels on Sunday morning with a picnic to follow. In brutal honesty, the buzz on this year’s SPX is fairly low level. […]

Crisis on Infinite Good or Wednesdays

Do you want it good, or do you want it Wednesday? We’re not entirely qualified to comment on this, since our knowledge of DC continuity post-Crisis I is spotty at best, but here goes: One of the big issues in the recent Marvel Civil War controversy was the eternal “Good or Wednesday debate. Editor Tom […]

Scott McCloud Flash expression generator!

Boing Boing leads us to a page showing Scott McCloud’s soon-to–be-infamous facial emotion generator, and a nifty Flash app that lets you blend expressions as others blend spices.

Today’s Jeff Smith quote

Via B o n e v i l l e: Another interesting thing to note: in Germany, the black & white manga version of BONE is for younger readers, and the color version is for adults; while in the US it is the complete opposite. Scholastic’s color editions are aimed mostly to kids,

Stardust site, Gaiman vs Brazil

A coupla Neil Gaiman notes. The teaser site for the STARDUST movie is live. In addition, Bookslut has an unusually fun interview with the author: Have you ever shut down an event, where there was a curfew? …The worst one ever was in Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2001. Brazilians are lovely people. But they […]

Meanwhile, on the East Coast…the Quills

Our Scream Awards viewing was interrupted by attending a real live event, the Quill Awards, honoring the best in books via voting by the reading public. To say it was slightly more erudite than the Scream Awards would be like saying Scarlett Johansson is comely. People quoted Melville and his initial sales figures. The event […]

Scream Awards air

We caught only a few moments of this, due to pressing sleep-related matters, but managed to see the Best Comic Book Award with winner Robert Kirkman accepting for MARVEL ZOMBIES. It was a bit odd and yet refreshing to see our humble comics included in a TV kudocast, even one whose idea of a tribute […]

IDW prez’s tot son terror threat

This story from KFMB, San Diego reveals how IDW’s head Ted Adams 4-year-old son Sam shares the same name as someone on the “do not fly list” with HIGHlarious results. Sam Adams is a little boy from Clairemont who loves fire engines. But the Transportation Security Administration associates his name with a potential terrorist. His […]

RIP Ed Benedict

The man who designed most of your favorite Hanna-Barbera characters, Ed Benedicthas died at age 94. He died bck in August so it isn’t exactly hot news, but just hit the wires and attention must be paid. Ed Benedict, a legendary animator who put life, love and laughter in TV cartoon characters like Fred Flintstone, […]

Linkies 10/11

The new all-video issue of Comic Foundry is up, a little late but tapping into that video-loving zeitgiest. DC Comics launches a cool .pdf guide to the world of Brian Wood’s DMZ. Slate examines SCOTT PILGRIM, with a slide show that offers side-by-side panels and analysis of the series. Very impressive. And, like manga characters, […]


The Beat is fighting the biggest battle of The Beat‘s life and we need all the support from our loyal fans we can get. We are trying very, very hard not to play CIV IV. We held the game in our hands not that long ago, but, with the greatest display of self-control we have […]