Webcomickers react to Platinum deal

Johanna has a great post rounding up reaction to the Platinum Studios piece in the NY Times (Them AGAIN!) about their plan to post their comics on the web via DrunkDuck.com. As you might expect, the Webcomics elite, never a shy bunch, let loose with results that set new highwater marks for snark. In particular, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 9/28

• Utterly adorable t-shirt designs by Vera Brosgol • Comic Book Resources launches new comics sales analysis chart. Frankly, anything that includes columns entitled “Delta” slings us back in time to a hellish world of multi-function calculators and the quadratic equation. So far commentary light, but new ways of looking at sales is always good. […]

Inside the Comics Loving New York Times

Marvel sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting the fact that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had been mentioned in the Arts, Briefly section of the New York Times. Now the Times has been breaking much comics news recently, but this was really more of a tangential note: SPIDEY GOES TO THE WHITNEY Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright and […]

Johnson to Hachette

Publishers Weekly reports that Rich Johnson, formerly in charge of DC’s book trade biz, has been hired at Hachette to set up a graphic novel imprint at Little/Brown: In an internal memo released to PW, Hachette announced the decision to go graphic by stating that the publisher “has been looking for a creative way to […]

Wacker to Marvel

52 editor Steve Wacker is ankling DC for Marvel, Wizard Entertainment reports: Capping off a tumultuous summer of editor swapping, DC editor and overseer of 52 Stephen Wacker is leaving his office for a new job at Marvel Comics. “I tenured my resignation with DC today,” said Wacker. “I’m quitting DC to go edit comics […]

DC Month to Month Sales: August 2006

by Marc-Oliver Frisch With Marvel’s Civil War #4 delayed by a month, DC Comics was August’s biggest publisher in the North American direct market. DC claimed the top spot with crime novelist Brad Meltzer’s Justice League of America #1. Next in line was the weekly event title 52, which made a surprising comeback and placed […]

Wayne Talks FoC

Meanwhile over at Newsarama, Bob Wayne discusses DC’s implementation of the FoC system. You’ll recall that this system–which Marvel has been using for some time now–allows retailers to lower or raise their orders for books much closer to the on-sale date based on feedback, and other evolving factors. It’s probably as close to “returnable” as […]


Winter McCloud’s interview with Raina Telegemeier and Dave Roman is up at CBR. Winter is 11 and this is, yes, adorable…but also a good inetrview!

Dawson’s OCT lands at Dimension

O.C.T.: OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE, the comic co-written by and starring Rosario Dawson about a supernatural crime solving NY cop and which everyone thought was a pilot for a movie will indeed be turned into a movie, Variety reports. And shockingly, it will star Rosario Dawson! : Dimension is crafting the project as a star vehicle […]

Bertozzi’s The Voyage of the James Caird

Over at Activate Nick Bertozzi is recounting a tale of Ernest Shackleton, the English explorer who was trapped in the Antarctic for over a year. Bertozzi has a previous story about Shackleton, Patience Camp, up as well. We think Bertozzi is one of our finest cartoonists, but what’s interesting here is that he actually has […]

Piddle kitten!

We Were Wrong Dept: While reporting on Barbie and Tanner, the amazing crapping toy, yesterday, we mentioned that the Teresa and Mika cat-themed playset does not come with cat turds. It turns out that it doesn’t, but it does come with piddle. Teresa doll has an adorable cat named Mika who is just like a […]

FEAR AGENT moves from Image to Dark Horse

Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opena move their book FEAR AGENT from Image to Dark Horse, a move a couple of books have made recently, but one that Image’s creator oriented publishing deal allows. Remender talks about the move at CBR: :”The move is a business decision based on things that we’re going to […]

Colan on Dracula changes

A couple of days ago we covered — or uncovered — the censorship in Marvel’s TOMB OF DRACULA reprints where several previously topless young victims got new wispy smoke bras. Around Comics – The Comic Book Podcast contacted the artist, Gene Colan, for his take, and he responded: I’m not personally upset or affected by […]

ICAF schedule up

The schedule for International Comic Arts Festival, held Octover 12-14 at the LIbrary of Congress is up. Events include talks with Jules Feiffer, and a look at the Rwandan genocide through comics. And also superheroes and politics.

Don’t eat the brown Tic Tacs

Steve Bunche alerts us to one of the most alarming Barbies ever: Poopin’ Pup Barbie. This Barbie comes with a lovable Lab named Tanner who just can’t stop pooping! In fact, since Barbie is feeding him shit, it’s no wonder it goes right through him. You can see a video of Barbie and her pooper […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: August 2006

By Paul O’Brien Even with the parent title running late, CIVIL WAR dominated Marvel’s output again in August, with a raft of crossover titles including the newly launched HEROES FOR HIRE. The Ultimate titles ship their second annuals, and the core ANNIHILATION miniseries gets underway. Other than that, it’s a fairly quiet month, as Marvel […]