SDCC: Bob Fingerman

Bob Fingerman makes a rare San Diego appearance to promote his new book RECESS PIECES. He’ll be appearing at the Dark Horse and Fantag booths. Good news, too: Dark Horse tells me *some copies of RECESS PIECES will be available at their exhibition area, so come on by and get your copy one month before […]

SDCC: Kyle Baker (#1717)

Kyle Baker will be set up at San Diego selling cool books of edifying cartoons and bringing glee to to the populace. Schedule below.

SDCC: I’ve got my letter of marque. Do you?

There will be a few dribs and drabs of info here for the next 24 hours or so, but we’ve got all our last minute stuff to do from here on out. We took a quick look at our LJ friends page this morning, and every post, across the nation, from SF to NYC, started […]

SDCC: Manga info

We’ve been a little slack posting manga info but luckily Mangacast has an awesome round-up of information. You should deifnitley go there for panel schedules and so on. We’re reprinting their list of manga booth numbers for reference. Broccoli Books (Booth #2229)Dark Horse (Booth #2615)DC Comics (Booth #1915)Del Rey Books (Booth #1228)Digital Manga (Booth #2649)Drawn […]

A few other things

TEZUKA! Irresponsible Pictures tips us off to a documentary about Tezuka available on on YouTube — go! Matt over at Highway 62: San Diego posts a handy list of convention tips and gives us the wisest advice we’re heard yet: 8) What happens in San Diego will soon be all over the Internet. Remember that […]

SDCC: Top Shelf (#1721)

Remember we told you about the booth to make a beeline for? Well, if you want the real buzz book at the show, we suggest you run over to the Top Shelf booth to get a copy of the legendary Lost Girls. Artist Melinda Gebbie (whose visualization of Alan Moore’s script for the book is […]

SDCC: D&Q (#1529)

Drawn & Quarterly is always a highlight of the con and this year they have TATSUMI! D+Q has its largest lineup ever of attending artists including Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huzienga, Anders Nilsen, Ron Rege Jr, Sammy Harkham, James Sturm, Dan Zettwoch and Martin Cendreda. We will have specials on most of stock including […]

SDCC: Fantagraphics (#1716)

Everyone who’s anyone at at the Fantagraphics booth this year. How we wish we could just hang out there and beg for pirate sketches: Tony Millionaire, Los Gros Hernandez, Linda Medley, Ted Stearn, Daniel Clowes…you name it, they will be there. Get there early — new books are sure to sell out! The entire epic […]

Must link of the day: FIELD GUIDE TO SAN DIEGO

Skribbl at Story Boredom presents a lovely field guide to the types you’ll see at Comic-con, with their habits noted. Look out for this one near any bathroom entrance or waste recepticle. Instead of waiting to get home to read their latest purchase, they plop themselves down at the highest traffic walkway intersection and begin […]

SDCC: Oni (#1934) & Special Guest

Oni has a bunch of cool new stuff including…MY NAME IS EARL? Wha–? Also new books by Ray Fawkes and Camerson Stewart, and Ande Parks and Shawn Crystal and announcements from Jim Massy & Robbie Rodriguez, Vasilis Lolos, Marc Guggunheim, B. Clay Moore, James Stokoe. PLUS…we hear a certain gent named Bryan Lee O’Malley will […]

They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard

This could very well be the only thing keeping us sane, although that’s a relative term. [Thanks, Colleen.]

SDCC: Buenaventura Press (#1528)

When you get to the con, we suggest you make a beeline for two places. We’ll mention one of them presently, but the first is Buenaventura Press’s booth where they will be debuting a book that is sure to be the talk of the show, KRAMER’S ERGOT #6, as well as Private Stash, a collection […]

SDCC: The Mystery of Booth #1528

You’ll want to linger in Aisle 1500, not only does it feature Buenaventura Press, but Global Hobo, Sparkplug and The Honeybunch Squad. That means folks like Dylan Williams, Alixopulos, Jesse Reklaw, Andrice Arp, Johnny Ryan, Steve Weissman and Jordan Crane, among MANY OTHERS. It’s a mini MoCCA. Attendees and debut books, courtesy Alvin Buenaventura at […]

SDCC: Top Cow Signing Schedule (#2045)

Marc Silvestri, Seth Green, David Wohl, David Nakayama and a replica Mazda RX-8 from the book Revved liven things up in the Top Cow booth. There will be numerous convention exclusives available, as well.

SDCC: NBM (#1429)

Ted Rall, David Axe, Richard Moore, Cad Michael Ward and Jerry Carr are featured. Details below.

SDCC: A.C.T.O.R. activities (A8)

George Perez, John Romita, Bill Willingham, Gene Ha and…SOFTBALL! It’s all at A.C.T.O.R> the charity devoted to helping creators in need.