10 seconds of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Super Bowl ad

Whenever I see any of the Pirates 4 previews I think a few things.

1….how a spicy character like Captain Jack Sparrow is best used as seasoning in a stew made of more rational characters and even though PIRATES 2 and 3 were a horrible story mess, Will and Elizabeth gave it a grounding that made Jack seem more likable. Of course there is still Barbossa, and now Ian McShane (!). I do like Penelope Cruz as a little more experienced character, though. She’s a good foil for Jack.

2…Johnny Depp sure is fine.


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    I’m only interested in this entry because the source material sounds fun: http://amzn.com/1930235321 And if they keep the franchise going long enough, we’ll have to see Jack Sparrow and the Secret of Monkey Island, right?

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