007's New Q Actor Has Played a Techie Before

By Todd Allen

I fear we might have a little bit of type casting going on here.  They’ve cast a new Q for Skyfall.  Ben Whishaw is playing a decidedly younger Q than we’re used to seeing, and definitely more on the nerdy side than the classical preoccupied professor, to look at the promo image:

I saw  this photo and I knew I’d seen this new Q before.  It turned out it was in another techie role.  Whishaw played Pingu, the horribly abused techie/assistant to the titular character in Nathan Barley, a brilliant and scathing satire of hipster culture from the mid-aughts.  In fact, there’s even a fan video of Pingu.

You’ve come a long way, Pingu… good luck with the typecasting.


  1. Roshan says:

    Well to be fair, he also played Bob Dylan in I’m Not There, who is not a nerd. =)

  2. He was great in The Hour.

  3. He played a TV reporter in the British period show The Hour. So, no, not typecast as a techie/nerd. He’s a wonderful actor.

  4. Todd Allen says:

    You play Q, that typecast is going to set in REALLY fast.

  5. William F says:

    He’s just played a superb Richard II in the Shakespeare play of that name on the BBC – Hollow Crowns series). He got plaudits all round; I suspect that’ll protect him from typecasting for a good few years

  6. Bill Kartalopoulos says:

    This picture just makes me wish they’d cast Richard Ayoade. I’d have paid to see that.

  7. Oh my god, Bill, so would I.

  8. Bill Kartalopoulos says:

    The 00 Crowd

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